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Calls and Lines

Shimmer Telecom offers a full range of wholesale line rental products, PSTN, ISDN2 & ISDN30 lines including all associated services. We can transfer your customer’s lines from competitors in 10 working days and offer real-time appointing, diagnostics & address matching.


In situ lines are transferred on a ‘like-for-like’ basis with no physical interaction with the customer’s lines or premises – the process is seamless. The customer will retain their numbers and any line features such as Call Waiting, Call Divert or Ring Back. This process should remove any possible concerns the customer may have about losing services, when changing provider.

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Types Of Lines

All types of lines are suitable for transfer or installation:

Transfers to Shimmer Telecom take place with no physical interaction with the customer’s lines or premises – the process is seamless and invisible to the customer. The customer retains their numbers and all the features on the lines they have always had. These can include Call Waiting, Call Divert, Ring Back etc. This ‘like for like’ transfer should remove any concerns the customer can have about losing service, or services.

  • ISDN2

    • Sometimes referred to as Basic Rate ISDN or BRI
    • 2 digital channels

  • ISDN30

    • Sometimes referred to as Primary Rate ISDN or PRI
    • This has a minimum of 8 digital channels up to a maximum of 30 and is almost always connected to a PBX or phone system.

  • Analogue/PSTN

    • A single phone line or fax line which is designed for one call at a time
    • An analogue line is required for all broadband connections
    • Analogue multi-lines – a group of analogue lines all using the same number – can also be transferred or installed.

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New Installations

Should your customer require additional lines or a completely new installation, Shimmer Telecom can provide them.

Our highly experienced Back Office Team manages the whole process, liaising with you and the customer regularly to ensure the project runs smoothly and no time. We pride ourselves on our attention to detail, regularly receiving positive feedback from our partners on our ability to manage new, and often complex, installations on their behalf.

All voice lines come with a Shimmer Telecom outbound call tariff, giving your business customers competitive call rates to maximise their savings.


 *Term contract and other conditions apply.



As the convergence of voice and data continues, and IP Voice becomes the first choice for UK business, it is essential to provide connectivity that will allow your customers to get the most out of this feature-rich technology.


Shimmer Telecom offers a range of data services including ADSL broadband, FTTC, Fibre Ethernet, and EFM circuits. Our vendor-agnostic approach means we are able to gather quotes from a number of providers. This ensures your customers get the service they want at the most competitive price, and with our level of expertise means doing business with Shimmer Telecom is almost effortless.


Talk to us about how these services can be delivered to your customers for less than you think!


Non-Geographic Numbers

In addition to outbound calls, Shimmer also offers a wide range of Non-Geographic Call Services and Plans for inbound calling, including 0800, 0808, 0844, 0845, 0870 and 0871.


Use of NGNs allows you to monitor calls and provide more control over inbound call volumes. For example, using a freephone 0800 or 0808 number can encourage a greater number of enquiries; using a high tariff 0871 number (10 or 11 pence/minute) can generate additional revenue and discourage time-wasting calls. Whatever your requirements, we can provide you with a standard number or a more memorable ‘Golden’ number.


NGCS can provide a strong value-add for your customers and allow for more extensive call management. They are a small, but valuable part of the overall service.


VOIP Services

Shimmer Telecom has the in-house expertise & technical knowledge to ensure that you recommend an IP voice solution to your customers that works and can be relied upon. With firm inroads to our supplier and sister company, iHub UK, leaders in Unified Communications, our positioning as a first-choice channel supplier of VOIP services is conclusive.

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SIP Trunks

SIP Trunks are a highly cost effective and reliable service for connecting customer PBXs to public telephone networks. Businesses can replace old ISDN and analogue lines with a VoIP based service for reduced cost and improved productivity.

SIP trunks can be deployed in new business startup situations or for mature businesses looking to deploy a more cost effective voice solution. SIP trunks are compatible with most PBX brands and equipment, directly or via SIP gateways and allow the migration of existing telephone numbers (from traditional telephony) to the SIP service, beneficial to companies moving outside of their current local exchange area; by ‘virtualising’ numbers customers can retain them whenever and wherever they move their business to.

Lower costs

Reduce line rental costs and call charges.


Services can be added in single channels with rapid 24 hour go live.

Call management

Web based service management portal allows control of inbound calls

DR Service

SIP Trunks provide the ability to reroute inbound calls for effective disaster recovery.

Increase productivity

Deploy value added services to increase communication effectiveness.


Hosted services are designed to achieve 99.999% “carrier grade” availability.

More Facts

Hosted IP Telephony (HIPT)

HIPT services are deployed through network compatible IP handsets and offer all the functionality of a fully featured and entirely scalable PBX without the need to make significant capital investments.

The HIPT service ful?ls a wide range of communications requirements, ranging from basic services for small or single site operations, to more sophisticated services for those that operate multiple sites or call centre operations.

No capital requirement

Gain access to advanced telephony applications without capital investment.

Reduce support charges

Web based control, integrated support and maintenance; lower ongoing costs.

Lower connectivity charges

Eliminates expensive ISDN and analogue line installation fees.

Increased productivity

Enhanced by multimedia applications staff productivity is enhanced and collaboration is more effective.


VPN services deliver secure remote access over public IP networks ensuring communications remain secure.

Access to advanced features

Advanced telephony features enable smaller companies to operate as large organisations.


Comprehensive Support function backed up by trained and experienced engineers to keep your services working to your requirements.


All elements of the hosted services platform is designed to achieve 99.999% carrier grade availability supported by a single comprehensive SLA.


Pick and choose functionality from our feature rich list. A customer focused mix and match approach allows businesses to control costs and minimise risks.

If you’d like to find out more about becoming a Shimmer Wholesale Partner please contact us for a discussion.


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